How Taking a Step Back Can Lead to Huge Leaps Forward


As a company grows, so does the need for good leadership. Some founders may find it difficult to cope with their company’s success.

This is exactly what happened to Katlin Smith. In this fascinating Inc. piece she shares the struggles of her growing her successful baked-goods company, Simply Mills. It’s titled This Founder’s Company Was Growing Faster Than Her Leadership Skills. Here’s How She Learned to Keep Up.

Katlin shares some intriguing points here. This is just one of them:

Self-realization is the first step to change, but in order to acquire the necessary skills to lead her company, Smith needed to look inward and work on personal development. She took a vacation, hired an executive coach, and took leadership courses to fill the gaps. Through these moves she learned to step back and trust her team to do their jobs. 

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