Iris Du: WFH Imbalance




It is no joke that the productivity at our workplace has taken the hit during these challenging times. 

Working from home and using video calling platforms to conduct our business requires a set of skills when doing it from home amid all the distractions. The stack of laundry, the pile of dishes, chatter of people around you and waking up just before work is not as peasant as it sounds. You obviously can’t avoid it and say ‘out of sight out of mind anymore’, can you. Although there are many ways to boost your productivity during this time that you already know of, why are you still not able to perform to the best of your abilities? In the position of leadership, the productivity check of your team also falls into your lap, it is indeed challenging!

But and behold, I have some hacks that you can incorporate into your life so that you are as productive from home, as you are in the office. 

Let’s think clearly about this for a second, shall we? The lockdown was supposed to last 4 weeks initially, then got extended to 8 and then to 12. The world slowly went indoors with increased restrictions and lockdowns. Unfortunately, among the many countries have been hit hard by a second wave of the Virus, Melbourne has been hit hard by a second wave.

Bottomline, WFH is here to stay.  

This tells us that no matter how much we think we can predict the future, we always have to be ready for the worst case scenario. Don’t get me wrong, I do hope that the restrictions lift and life can feel normal again but unfortunately until then, we are going to have to face facts and embrace this change. 

So let’s get right to it. 

1.It is so important to wake up well before work in the morning and set your intention for the day. When you were going to work, pre-covid, you would wake up early, do your routine and head to work. Similarly, when working from home, why compromise on a routine, just because you’re home? Wake up at the same time you would earlier, make yourself some coffee, do some journaling, set an intention for the day and watch yourself zoom! 

Waking up and making your bed early will help you fight the urge of rolling back into bed. Coming back to spaces right, you can’t merge your work space with your sleeping space. So, avoid working from bed when at home.


2. Set a morning routine and think about including an exercise routine, a hearty breakfast and a quick meditation session, not only can provide you with some fuel for the day but also helps your mind and soul to make a better decision. Exercising in the morning keeps you active and focused for much longer than usual, and since we’re in a lockdown, you don’t have to go to the gym, you can do some yoga at home or go for a run in a park near you. 

Luckily, at this stage you don’t need to wear a mask when you’re running, so you can just take it off when you run and put it back on when you start walking. But beware of the mask disposing protocols and don’t just leave them lying in the park. 


3. Getting sunlight and fresh air into your body will give you the vitamins and positive mindset to begin your day with plus increasing your immune system.

In these challenging times, when everybody is operating in fear, WFH can be stressful and be cause of  anxiety, especially if you are someone who is juggling work and family. And with your spaces merging and you hardly having any time for yourself, distractions are inevitable. Practicing mindfulness is one helpful solution as it helps you pull focus towards the thing at hand.WFH has caused your spaces to merge, but only you can set your boundaries. 


4.Dedicate a corner in your home which is your sacred space where you can visit every morning to practice gratitude and mindfulness. A Place that is quiet and relaxes you. think about your backyard or an open space with ample light. This will help you be focused and not get distracted. 

Also think about space in the way that it makes a difference when it comes to your work space. If you’re working from the living room or your bedroom, think about having a dedicated space for just your work. Avoid activities like eating in this work space, this will help you set boundaries hence prevent distractions. Think personal space and professional space right. 


5. With a state of disaster and stage 4 restrictions put in place to show that WFH is here to stay.  Now might be a great idea to invest in a home office setup. Think a desk and a chair. Of course you don’t need to splurge, but you can’t work out of your dining table or your living room sofa forever, right. Upgrading a work desk, especially a comfortable chair to your working space will help you save so much money and visit a chiropractor and Physiotherapist. and let’s not forget about a pair of noise cancelling headphones so you can have your meeting in peace.


6. Among all the distress that the world is in right now, the most important thing is connection. Connection with our friends,family and the people around who we love. So don’t forget to check in with them every now and then. 


You Spend 8 hours at work and require 8 hours of the day to get rest. What you do with the remaining one third of your day really counts. 

So set routines and see the magic unfold for you in 2020. 

Stay awesome and stay safe.