Peng Joon: Looking For A Job? Create Your Own!


Peng Joon makes no secret of the fact that his incredible career began out of desperation. As a university student, he struggled to pay his way through the necessities of life, then when he did finally graduate, he found himself in a very unsatisfying job with little pay to show for his efforts. Astute and quick to learn, he knew there had to be a better way forward.

During this time, Peng Joon stumbled across the story of another person who had made a fortune out of something they loved – computer games. So, Peng Joon wrote his own 32-page guide on a popular game that had almost cost him his university degree due to the sheer number of hours he played it – World of Warcraft. He set up a website demonstrating how to play.

Through this process he realised passion and determination, coupled with a little extra knowledge and skill, could turn the online world into something very profitable.

While crushing student debt and low-paid entry jobs are a common story, what is so unique about Peng Joon, is that he used this drive to take a massive chance that many others would not dare. And, it paid off. He created his own success, on his terms, and is now a well-respected mentor, trainer, public speaker and leader in the field of online entrepreneurship.

From his World of Warcraft days, he has since built over 600 different websites across many genres and niches. He realised early on in his career that although online platforms were constantly evolving, what ultimately mattered across the board, was his messaging. Through working within this concept, he was successfully able to replicate his initial business success over and over, regardless of how technology and the way we worked evolved.

“Platforms always change. 15 years ago when Myspace was huge, no one predicted that Facebook would become what it is today. Just like 15 years from now, nobody can really predict what the next big platform is going to be. But, here’s the thing that we do know; we do know that if you are somebody with a great message, you will be able to take that message regardless of which platform is king, because the rest is all tactical,” Peng said.

“The first piece is understanding messaging. Once you understand messaging, you will be able to take that piece, regardless of what the platform evolves to.”

Advancing technology also appears in many ways to be taking away career and business opportunity online, but this is not always the case, depending perception. Peng Joon encourages would-be online entrepreneurs to view the creation of more efficient bots and AI as a positive and embrace the efficiency they can provide.

“As we become more effective and more efficient, ultimately what happens is personal effort is going to be a lot less upfront. That actually makes it a win for both customers as well as the online vendors. Time will simply become a lot more expensive as a result of bots and A.I. replacing a lot of the things humans do now,” he explained.

Through his business, Smobble, Peng Joon and his team help a varied group of clients navigate their way through issues such as these and teach them how to monetise something they love. From the initial concept through to working out social media and funnels, systems of operation and strategising for long-term gain, clients emerge with a thorough understanding of online entrepreneurship and the confidence and skills to succeed in a very competitive market. Peng Joon also speaks at many industry and special events to share his business knowledge and encourage others to be take a chance on themselves, just like he did.

While skills and knowledge are undisputed cornerstones to business success, above all else, Peng Joon’s advice for anyone wanting to create their own job and tap into the exciting and constantly varied opportunities the world wide web provides is to just jump in.

“Now is the time to experiment, now is the time to fail, now is the time you can afford to screw up, because this is the time the rest of the world has not walked all over your dreams and told you that you can’t do it just yet,” he said.

“Now it the time to be bold, because your cost of failing is extremely low. Your cost of not doing it is at its all-time low, so for those of you entering the workforce right now, find something you absolutely love doing and become great at it.”

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