Thai Ngo: How Mentors Can Fast Track Your Career


Have you ever felt lost on what to do with your career?

Or you’ve been applying for the job that you really want without much success?

The fastest way to navigate on an unfamiliar path is to ask someone that has already walked that path to guide you!

Mentoring is a relationship between two people with the goal of professional development. A mentor is an experienced individual that shares their knowledge with a mentee.

Your mentor can be an experienced professional such as a coach, friend or colleague. They’ve already faced the challenges you’re currently facing or about to face and help navigate around the pitfalls and obstacles that will slow you down.

The mentor will not only provide the experience and valuable advice, but also get you to start to think differently.

Here are 3 ways a mentor can uplift your career.

1. Identify what makes you unique

If you want to advance and get promoted within your industry, you need to know what you can bring to the table. The value you bring and how you can help them become more successful.

A mentor would help you discover what skills you have gained throughout the years and point out development areas that you might not be able to see.

A mentor is an invaluable resource for your career as your relationship with them is based on open communication and trust, which makes it easier for you to open up about your struggles and finding ways to reach to a better version of yourself.

2. Growth mindset

Having someone outside your company or department is a great chance to stay updated with how things are changing around your industry. How to remain up-skilled and gain the knowledge you may not be aware you’re missing. Also, sometimes it is easier to speak about your career challenges to someone who is not part of your company, so you don’t risk in creating waves in your team or department.

Having a mentor, especially with a background in which you are interested to learn in, shows two of the most important traits in people; self-awareness and self-improvement.

3. Increase your network

No matter what stage of your career you are at the moment, either starting out or looking to step up into an executive position; knowing the right people makes it 10x easier to get access to positions not advertised and the most lucrative jobs.

Most people work in the same departments, see the same people day-in and day-out and never put the effort to meeting new ones.

If this is you, that means your professional circle doesn’t change.

This drastically lowers your chances of gaining access to new and better career opportunities.

A mentor will have a totally different networks to yours, which is usually at positions more senior to where you are at. What that means is, you get a referral into a company or person directly and in many cases, bypass the job application process.

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