The Benefits of True Confidence in the Workplace


Here’s a gripping article from Success Magazine. It’s called The Art of True Confidence by Jordan Harbinger. We thought it would be worth the share here.

In it, we learn about the power of confidence and what it can bring to our career. Here’s an excerpt that’s truly gripping:

What we do is a matter of technical skill. How we do it is a function of confidence.

One of the most important aspects of that how is our degree of influence and the quality of our leadership. The impact we have on our work products, the control we exert in our organizations and the influence we have on our partners all require true confidence. These confidence-based skills are what separate technicians from managers, employees from leaders, and artisans from artists.

For tips on how to be more genuinely confident, check out Jordan Harbinger’s full piece at Success Magazine.

Read the source article at SUCCESS