THE SKY’S THE LIMIT: 7 Ways To Help Inspire Your Colleagues


Inspire your workplace – Make it thrive

We spend so many of our waking hours in our workplace surrounded by our colleagues, feeding from their energy and being affected by their attitudes, thoughts and behaviour. How we behave in the workplace has a trickle effect on those around us, and how we conduct ourselves can heavily impact on the people that we work with and the overall workplace environment.

It’s one thing to live your life, both personally and professionally trying to be the very best version of yourself yet it is quite another thing to be that person who helps inspire those around them to do the same.

Taking the initiative to, not only be the best version of yourself that YOU can be, but to also encourage your fellow colleagues to do the same is actually much easier than it first may seem.

Here are 7 easy and practical tips that will help you to inspire those you work with to be the best version of themselves:

1. Be an inspired leader: You can’t expect your teammates to be inspired and motivated if you are not so lead by example and get EXCITED about your work, your product or your business. If you want your fellow workers to be pumped about their work, then you need to set the tone, as enthusiasm is contagious!

2. Build relationships based on trust: For workers to get the most out of each other and to work together at optimum capacity, there must be the underlying foundation of trust in the relationship. Employees crave trust and for their team to have confidence in them. When people are shown that they are trusted then they typically work harder, do better and show higher level of motivation and initiative.

3. Provide a sense of belonging and purpose: Everyone wants to feel needed and like they add value, so make sure that your teammates feel like they are an important part of the business and that their work is valued and is making a difference. Encourage your fellow teammates to share their vision, ideas and thoughts with each other and look at what is needed to make these ideas come to fruition. When everyone shares a similar vision and set of goals and are working together towards the same beneficial outcome it helps to create a sense of both belonging but also purpose which tends to bring out the best in every individual.

4. Eliminate fear: One of the most common obstacles to success is the fear of failure. Instil a sense of “you never know until you give it a go” in your team. Encourage your fellow team members to brave in sharing ideas, opinions and ideas. Help to create a work environment that supports and encourages thought sharing, creativity and acceptance. So many people have so much to offer but are crippled by a sense of fear of acceptance or ridicule. Eliminate that fear and your teammates will flourish.

5. Set clear standards: Don’t underestimate people’s ability and settle for subpar standards. Be clear in setting the standard of work that you feel is acceptable, achievable and that you would be proud of. Clearly communicate what this standard is and don’t ASSUME that fellow workers will understand the standards without explanation. Communication is the key to working together to achieve success and bringing out the best in each other.

6. Encourage each other to rise to the challenge: For people to reach their full potential they need to accept and embrace a challenge. Things may not always go as planned and there might be mistakes and mishaps along the way but without a challenge you will never step out of your comfort zone and explore your full potential. Encourage a work environment where everyone feels supported both in their successes and in their failures as this will help to encourage all workers to participate in a wider variety of tasks and discover skills that they might not even know that they have.

7. Acknowledge and appreciate a job well done: Nothing inspires people to achieve and challenge themselves more than praise, compliments and an acknowledgment of success. Be generous with applause and appreciation when your fellow team members do well or achieve success. It is incredible how easily morale can be boosted when people are acknowledged for their achievements. Be specific in your praise and you will find that the positivity that comes with celebrating triumphs creates a happy work environment that will breed future success.

The most important thing to remember when trying to inspire your team to be the best version of themselves is to simply lead by example and to treat them in the way that you like to be treated yourself. Good old fashion advice with remarkable results. You don’t need a magic wand or any self-help books, you simply need to adopt a positive mindset, promote trust, provide constant motivation, communicate clearly and celebrate success. These small little changes made here and there will do wonders to inspire your team and help them to be the very best version of themselves that they can be.