Whether you’re looking for a job in your current field or are keen to make a career change soon, it always helps to have an idea of who some of the best employers in the country are.

There are many different factors which affect how appealing an organisation may be, including work-life balance, financial status, job security, reputation, flexibility, and use of technology. To give you some inspiration as you look for your next career opportunity, read on for five of the top companies in Australia to put on your wish list.


One of Australia’s largest financial services firms, Commonwealth Bank is really kicking goals when it comes to employment. The bank is particularly lauded for the strides it’s making when it comes to gender equality. Around 58 percent of the workforce is female, with more than 44 percent of these employees sitting at manager level and above.

The bank has created an in-house financial wellbeing program for staff members, too. Through this, employees can supplement their knowledge about personal finances and be better prepared to manage their expenses, make progress achieving long-term goals, and prepare for unexpected events.

Furthermore, while close to 70 percent of Commonwealth’s workforce have flexible working arrangements, which certainly helps to make the bank more appealing to employees, when staff members do spend time in the main offices, they also have access to perks such as onsite wellness centres, retreat spaces, and neighbouring childcare centres.


Giant professional services firm PwC makes the top employers’ list most years due to its decision to let employees decide what time they get to work. It is also a preferred employer because it provides opportunities for staff members to have short-term or long-term secondments to international offices. In addition, the company allows workers to receive 18 weeks of parental leave without having to serve out a minimum term of employment first.

Employees get their birthday day off each year; can take a public holiday break on another day if they choose; and can pick the physical space where they will work each day, according to the tasks and activities they need to complete. The firm also has a Lego room on site to encourage collaboration, and it places a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusion.


Management consultancy firm Deloitte Australia entices some employees to join its ranks because of its commitment to helping investigate and address some of the world’s biggest challenges and hot topics. This includes things like environmental damage to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and the impact of artificial intelligence.

The company’s culture is also seen positively. Workers get to engage in things like free cooking classes, volunteering opportunities, world-class learning programs, indigenous cultural awareness training, and holistic wellbeing programs. Plus, flexibility is a key focus. All employees receive 18 weeks’ paid parental leave, and Deloitte has created a 20-week return-to-work pilot program for people going back to work after parental leave. This program includes mentoring, training and support.


If you’re looking to work somewhere you can indulge passions and hobbies which don’t relate to your job, look at Macquarie Group career options. At the company employees are encouraged to pursue their interests via a variety of groups and classes on topics like gardening, singing, photography and more. The organisation also provides workers with perks such as yoga classes and hot breakfasts. There are kids clubs for parents who need to keep their children busy while they’re
at work, too.


For those looking to get a new job within a business that takes mental health seriously, KPMG Australia should be at the top of the list. At KPMG, mental health is seen as a core pillar, and the firm has launched numerous initiatives to encourage employees to talk more openly about health issues, debunk myths, and give those suffering from challenges accesses to real resources. The business has also been striving to create modern workplaces. All staff have been relocated to new buildings around the country in recent times.