Unlock Your Career Potential From The Inside Out



If you believe you can, you can.”

Have you ever given your inner dialogue much thought? As you race through your day, have you ever wondered why you seem to have the same problems again and again, you face the same hurdles and come up against the same types of challenging personalities no matter where you turn?

Symmone Gordon, an east-coast based business and life intuitive and transformation coach, explains how the thoughts that float through our heads each day can have a profound effect on what happens to us in the real world.

“Beliefs are thoughts. Some thoughts we are aware of and others we aren’t. These beliefs are real for you and they shape your reality. It’s how we see ourselves and perceive situations,” she said.

“It’s an interpretation of past experiences, expressing itself in the present moment and it doesn’t matter what – eating chocolate, commuting to work, intimacy with a partner. These beliefs create behaviours that impact how we feel, how we engage, react and connect to others. They form our blueprint to the story we experience in the world.’

The great news is that you can change this blueprint. By working on your own thoughts and learning how to move past those that are holding you back, you can create a new, more abundant, more successful reality.

Symmone’s story

Like many of us, Symmone hasn’t always had the ability and insight to take note of how her inner thoughts affected her outside world. She owned and operated several businesses over the years, covering diverse niches such as fashion, civil construction, trading stocks and spiritual events. Through her experiences in business, she began realising that one of the primary success factors underpinning any entrepreneurial activity is that what beliefs you carry can either make or break you.

However, Symmone’s burgeoning faith in beliefs and how that manifested in the physical was cemented for good when she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

“When I was growing up, I was actually very quiet and spent a lot of time alone. In fact, I rarely spoke up and carried a deep fear of being attacked for speaking my truth,” Symmone explained.

“I had no idea that this belief and fear was actually making me sick and at 23, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I knew immediately, like an express post brick had been dropped into my mind, loudly pronouncing; MY FEAR OF SPEAKING HAD CAUSED THIS.”

Symmone tackled the cancer the best way she knew how – by immersing herself in understanding the root cause of her illness and learning about alternative and complementary treatments that would save her life. During her process of healing, Symonne reignited her latent ‘super powers’ long-suppressed by the fear of being different. Through her own spiritual and metaphysical transformation, she found her calling; “I felt a much deeper calling and an awakening to how I serve. It turns out my fascination with the mind, beliefs, why people are the way they are was the signpost pointing to my purpose. Once I decided to stop hiding from those signposts, I was able to transition fully into this work, scaling up from what I called a hobby to purpose. I don’t consider myself as a coach, more like a guide who illuminates the beliefs within the stories that blindside people from creating the life they want.”

Uncovering your own limiting beliefs

How do you know if you have limiting beliefs that are holding you back from your potential? Sometimes, things just don’t feel ‘right’ but you aren’t sure why. Beliefs such as these serve little purpose and result in you feeling ‘stuck’, frustrated and unmotivated. You may move through your day as though you are carrying a boulder across your back and repeatedly encounter the same negativity. Some people become withdrawn, socially awkward or isolated and disconnected.

By learning to identify what is holding you back and the biases by which you see the world, you are in a much greater position to make better decisions and changes that will consciously create what you want from each facet of your life, including your career.

Limiting beliefs often stem from a significant event, situation or influential person from the past, perhaps as far back as childhood. While beliefs and how they are played out are as unique as each individual, Symmone sees common themes from many of her clients, perhaps some may seem familiar to you as well.

  • I don’t deserve love and it makes me angry and frustrated
  • When I am not heard it makes me feel like I don’t matter and this makes me feel bitter and tired.
  • When I miss out on a job or can’t find the right opportunity I feel as if I am not meant to have what I want and powerless.
  •  At times I am afraid to speak up as it causes conflict. This leaves me feeling stuck.
  •  I compare myself to others and think I have to struggle to get what appears to have come easily to them.
  • When I make a mistake or experience a failure I take it very personally/feel inadequate/a failure.
  •  I have become a little pessimistic about life and sometimes don’t try for jobs I would probably be qualified for.

Overcoming your blockages and limiting beliefs

When working with clients, Symmone taps into her intuitive powers and works with clients one-on-one, using techniques such as energy work, astrology, storytelling and memory retrieval. Once an internal shift has been reached, Symmone helps her clients carry the momentum into the physical, creating a new external reality.

“Whether it’s happiness, wealth, a fulfilling purpose or loving connections, it begins with the acceptance and dissolving of resistance to unveil the essence of self beyond thought. Who you truly are surfaces and with it, peace and clarity. The truth you always sensed and caught glimpses of, becomes far more awakened and anchored,” she said.

There are techniques each of us can employ ourselves as well to help identify and move past limiting beliefs and blockages. Symmone recommends:

  • Acceptance. Disentangle from the emotional stories and be with what is. Accept how you are feeling now, as opposed to giving energy and further dialogue to any negativity. Bring awareness to being completely present to the current life situation…this gives space, and space allows for observation, insights and relief.
  • Focus on your vision. Remember that the journey is just as much part of the vision as the outcome, and along the way there may be some bumps. Giving energy and feeling to the vision in the present moment fuels what you want, rather than reacting to what you don’t want. Picture yourself as a lighthouse shining its light in one direction to light up what is important for safe travel.
  • Objectivity. Aim to view each situation as neither good nor bad. There is always a reason why certain events transpire, but often these reasons only become apparent in hindsight once you have additional context

Be gentle with yourself through this journey of self-discovery and try not to see clearing your blockages as another ‘to-do’. Taking stock of your internal dialogue as you seek to improve your own personal and business success requires a gradual internal shift and profound awareness, coupled with a healthy, non-judgemental love for yourself. It is not about ‘fixing’ you, but unlocking your potential and opening your mind to the vast possibilities of tomorrow.

Symmone’s final advice is to relax, let go and cease spending energy where it no longer serves you.

“When overcoming negative beliefs, saying ‘I don’t mind what happens’ brings forth an energy of letting go. No fixed outcome or expectation constructed by the mind. It allows life to carry you rather than trying to control life. This is flow.”