Why To-Do Lists Aren’t Very Helpful


This thought-provoking article from Entrepreneur is something we thought we ought to share with you. It’s called You’ll Accomplish More Without a To-Do List.

The founder of JotForm, Aytekin Tank shares his opinions on to-do lists. This one, we thought, is a particularly interesting insight:

It seems logical to think that priorities will take care of themselves. After all, if something is important, we should get it done before tackling lesser tasks. But research shows that only 17 percent of the population can accurately estimate how much time an activity will require. The rest of us unknowingly engage in the planning fallacy, or “positive bias,” which means we vastly underestimate how long we need to do just about anything, from finishing a presentation to driving to a meeting.

He shares some really unconventional nuggets here so if you’d like to learn more, check it out in its entirety…

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